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  Surface Hair Style Products
Sustainably Harvested Ingredients
Tourmaline Infused
Certified Organic Botanical
Sulfate Free
Gluten Free

Surface Hair Style Products

  Surface Hair Style Products

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Repair damage, strengthen and protect while
imparting luxurious condition and shine.
Cationic Vegan Proteins of Amaranth, Keravis
and Soy maximize repair.

Strengthening Shampoo
Strengthening Conditioner
Dry Shampoo
Protein Repair Tonic
Protein Cream     

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Moisturize, control and soften while imparting luxurious condition and shine.
Babassu, Aloe, Flax Seed Oil penetrate with moisture renewal.

Hydrating Shampoo
Hydrating Conditioner
Hydrating Oil 
Hydrating Gold
Shine Spray
Hydrating Masque
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      Strengthen and rejuvenate thinning hair, and maintain
      a healthy scalp. Botanical Extracts helps decrease DHT, Anti-Aging Mineral Ferments Aid Cellular Renewal,
      Vegan Proteins Strength Emerging Hair.
      Relieve Dandruff and Psoriasis.

      Therapeutic Shampoo

      Thrapeutic Conditioner
      Therapeutic Treatment
      Protein Styling Spray
      Protein Mousse
      Thickening Cream

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        Natures answer for healthy curls Certified Organic cocoa butter, babassu oil and amaranth melt into the hair
        soothing brittle, frizzy curls on contact.
        Rich in vitamin K, cocoa provides hair with healthy elasticity and control: while omega 3 and 6 fatty acids moisturize. Surface Curls, for all curl textures and hair types.

        Fabulous in any type of hair looking for that extra moisture!


        Smoothing Cream
        Firm Mousse
        Firm Spray

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        Shampoo and Body Wash
        Dry Wax
        Molding Mud                                            



        Style with inspiration, creativity, control, confidence and enthusiasm. Sugars and Corn Starches  provide resilient humidity resistant hold. Tourmaline Klyoseki Crystal Fusion (TK2). Maximize condition,Color Lock, shine and speeds drying time for all Surface Styling products. Layer and mix surface styling products to create your personal blends for design. Anti Static, Anti Frizz, Humidity Resistant.

        Theory Aerosol Finishing Spray         
        Theory Aerosol FIRM Spray               
        Impulse Styling Pump Spray               
        Push Styling Powder                        
        Purify Weekly Shampoo                        
        Jump Styling Mousse                            
        Bliss Smoothing Cream                          
        Crave Styling Paste                               
        Taffy Whip                                          
        Reflect Styling Gel                                
        Swirl Sea Salt Spray                             
        Shift Shine Wax                                    
        Shift Shaping Wax                                 
        Shift Molding Clay     

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